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Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of southeast Europe.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of southeast Europe. Here eastern and western civilizations met, sometimes clashed, but more often to help and enrich each other throughout its long and fascinating history.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a long name for a country that measures just over 50,000 km2. The northern and central part of the country called Bosnia, and the name probably derives from the old Indo-European word ‘bosana’ meaning water, which Bosnia has no shortage. The southern region of ancient Hum, ruled by Herceg Stjepan Kosača, was later named Herzegovina after the region was occupied by the Ottoman invaders.

Perhaps what is more important visitors today to know is, that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stunningly beautiful country with a vast array of landscapes, cultures, traditions and people. And as the old cliche goes ‘people make the place’ – Bosnia and Herzegovina prides itself on its hospitality and treating our guests as if they were family members. And we know that the family carries in heart.

There are many fascinating destinations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for every type of tourist. One gets the best of everything. The most interesting and attractive sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a wonderful blend of cultural and natural heritage. It’s almost impossible to separate them, because the cultures and traditions of this country flourished precisely from this untouched nature.

Sarajevo is a city that is in it, and strangers can feel like at home. Even the expansion of the city by large buildings couldn’t take away the charm of countless cafes and abiding tradition of hospitality.

The city’s hinterland, of seemingly endless hills and high mountains, in a way, isolated the city and a timeless world, he has always kept it’s doors open to the rest of the world. Regardless of which Sarajevo is the capital, with his hustle and dynamics which carries and wears everyday life, it has a unique atmosphere that you simply slid into the soul. This city epitomizes a partial centuries-old struggle against impact from the side, but certainly their acceptance to a certain extent, and the best ones, combining them into one of the most diverse cultures to be found in Europe.

If there is no city in Europe that effortlessly straddles east and west, it is Sarajevo. Here the Byzantine and Ottoman empires of the east and the Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian empires of the west left an indelible mark on the culture, tradition and religion. Walk through Sarajevo is a walk through it’s history. From the oriental Ottoman quarters sweet shops, café and handicraft workshops, to the administrative and cultural center of the Austro-Hungarian times, Sarajevo encompasses the best of both worlds. In Sarajevo, people have time for family and friends. Here it is said that a man’s wealth is not measured by what has, but how many friends you have – here people spend their time on the friendship. (www.bhtourism.ba).